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Rainwater Tanks & Raised Garden Beds



We are proud manufacturers of corrugated steel Rainwater Tanks made from the highest quality "Bluescope Aquaplate Steel".

Tanks made from Aquaplate Steel comply with the tough Australian Standard AS2070 Part 2, meaning it is completely safe for the storage of drinking water for human consumption.

Our Tanks have the strength and durability of steel, won't crack as a result of aging or sun exposure. Ideal choice for bush fire prone areas.

Our Tanks are made to order, can be made to fit the space available therefore maximizing water storage potential. Visit our factory, view the finished product and view the range of colours and shapes Green Point Tank Works available. 

Recently Acquired
Green Point Tank Works.


Made from Aquaplate Corrugated Steel.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

Each Garden Bed is finished with a protective rubber capping to the top edge of the bed.

Perfect for vegetables, herbs or as a flower garden.

Garden Beds planted out with vegetables are proving very popular with schools.

An effective educational tool, assisting in the teaching of students, providing them with an awareness of where our food comes from and encouraging healthy eating.

Ideal for people who have difficulty bending down and those wheelchair bound.

For an estimate or to place an order please contact us on 4323 2306 or complete the online enquiry form.